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Services List

Gas Engineering
Combustion, purification and
utilisation of landfill gas, biogas,
sludge gas, special gas, exhaust gas:

Power Generation
Cogeneration plants (CHP)
for biogas, landfill gas,
sludge gas, natural gas.


Water Treatment
Membrane systems
for the treatment of:
Fermentation residues from MBT
plants and biogas plants; Landfill
leachate; Industrial process water


Biogas Engineering
Biogas plants and components:
Fermentation of renewables
and biomass; Cofermentation;
"Waste-to-energy": Mechanicalbiological
waste treatment MBT


Our Initiative

Shriya Energy Limited itself and through it associate and subsidiary companies, envisages to provide round the clock power to the urban and rural India , that also at the minimal rates . It envisages to cut the line losses by not going into one large generation unit but by scattered small units to fulfil the need of the particular region.
Services Overview

  • Shriya Energy Limited through its associate company also plans to enter into the Power Trading Sector. The government through its liberalisation policy has opened up the Power Sector and has permitted Power Trading by private sector companies , it makes the process of procuring and selling of Generated power easy .

    Powe Generatin through Bio Waste products would also be a service to the farmers of the region , as it would help them in generating further income by selling the rice husk and bhusa , the using of municipal waste and mandi waste in power generation would be helpful in keeping the civic condition in good order as the dumping to a certain extend would be avoided.

    Shriya Energy Limited would maintain schools and medical care facilities for the employees of its units , providing proper living conditions which included good houses and clean sanitary facilities for the rural employees in planned.